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Bill’s Honda 450 Site

There used to be a site referred to as Bill’s 450, which was produced by Bill Lane.  It was a great resource for people starting on Honda CB/CL 450’s and many people referred questions to it.  Well, the Comcast site appears to be gone now, sadly.  But I have some of the PDF’s he had distributed.   I hope Bill Lane is well and doesn’t mind us carrying on his legacy.  And if someone would like to rebuild these in a more comprehensive PDF format, let’s do it!

CB 450 FamilyTree carb setup
Aftermarket Coils  Ignition Timing
CB200 Project  cam timing
Swing arm  HondaMan Ignition Project
dyna CB450 Hardware
450 Shifting Problems

Content by Bill, not me.

Other CB450 Information

1975 Carburetion Manual – Honda technical manual HC43050 / P8635
Honda CB450 K1 450 Parts List Manual