Cincinnati Proposes To Allow Scooters To Park On Sidewalks

From our June event #QCMAR

From our June event #QCMAR

We have good news for our small displacement riders… Alysha spoke with David Laing, The Director of Legislative Affairs in Cincinnati about making Ohio Senate Bill 194 a law in Cincinnati too. He is awaiting the final draft of the ordinance for the Mayor to review today. We hope to have an update from David later today on the progress.

The Ohio Senate bill passed in February allows low-powered mopeds and motor scooters to be parked on sidewalks, similarly to the rules in place for bicycles, so long as their location does not impede pedestrian traffic.  The bikes are defined as 150cc or less.  The law takes effect in June 2014.

State Sen. Bill Seitz of Cincinnati sponsored the measure after hearing about the parking struggles of his law partner. He has said the change could encourage people to commute in more energy-efficient ways.

The measure also would let people drive historical vehicles on roadways when traveling to and from locations for maintenance. A change from previous restrictions on bikes with Historical plates.

Here at Cincinnati Cafe Racer we applaud the city and state leadership on their efforts to improve parking for alt-transportation such as urban scooters and motorcycles. We wish they would go further and also create many more free parking areas in the urban core to incentivize people to use motor vehicles that get better fuel economy and take up less of our precious parking downtown.

As the OTR neighborhood is exploring the use of parking permits to help their residents be able to park.  This is a natural fit to help incentivize them to use scooters or motorcycles instead of cars and give them a place to park.

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