Cafe Racer In A Box

There is increasingly a deluge of sites selling cafe racer parts.  And yes, even total kits for everything you need to build what everyone typically thinks of as a cafe racer.  It kinda rubs me wrong. Just swipe your credit card and you can put together a cafe bike like a toy for your kids after Christmas morning.   Well, I guess it does kinda make you feel like Christmas… but shouldn’t cafe racer style motorcycles have more soul?  Shouldn’t they be born of creativity, engineering and hours of wrenching on a bike?

While surfing Facebook I noticed an advert that was obviously targeted at me, and promised a “Cafe Racer Kit”.  I’m insulted.  It would be like buying a kit car… never as cool as the real thing.  But I had to see what it was all about.  It was Ryca Motors which has a kit for Suzuki S40 motorcycles (aka the Savage).  Funny because I had just watched a YouTube video days ago from these guys on fitting a seat.   $3K for a kit is quite a bit of beer money.  The Facebook page peaked my interest so I checked out their online store as well.  They do have some universal parts that peaked my interest for my own project like mini tach/speedos and rearsets that were reasonably priced.  And if I was a Suzuki guy… this site would be much more interesting to me I suppose.

As the Cafe Racer movement moves forward… what will it be years from now?  I think there will always be the true custom cafes and the out of the box cafe bikes.  But put me in the camp that likes the custom creations.  They stretch what our eyes consider to be cafe racer bikes.  They force us to consider other possibilities and revel in uniqueness.

Ryca Cafe Racer

  1. @Dan to clarify that was DCC (Dime City Cycles) not OCC (Orange County Choppers)… DCC does a great job providing parts and resources to build your own. OCC can kiss my ass with their crappy overly designed customs.

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