New season of Cafe Racer TV Starts 8/3/2011

Don’t forget that the new season 2 of Cafe Racer starts on 8/3/2011.  Showtimes are listed on their web site at:

I caught up with the Cafe Racer TV guys at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days event July 23rd and they are jazzed about the content in the new season.  I met Mike Seate and he loved our club logo.  The tent was really HOT that day as temps reached over 100 degrees, but everyone was having fun checking out all of the bikes. Perhaps someday our Cafe community here in Cincinnati will be showcased on their show.  But even if it isn’t,  we can enjoy this TV show that is tailored to our interests. Set your DVRs to record this show.

Mike Seate likes the Cincinnati Cafe Racer Club